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Inability to reach orgasm

You have never experienced an orgasm;
You are not sure that what you are experiencing is an orgasm;
You experience orgasm only during masturbation, but not in partner sex;
You have an orgasm in partner sex, but would like it to be more vivid, to enhance feelings.

Psychogenic erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation

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Sexual fetishes

* You are experiencing conflicting emotions regarding your participation or interest in BDSM, fetish play or other non-traditional sexual activities.
* Nowadays BDSM culture became popular in mass-media and porn, and you are interested is it for you? And if yes, where to start?
* Some of your sexual fantasies associated with BDSM, fetish or sexual orientation are intense, but you doubt whether it’s worth implementing them and these doubts bring discomfort.

LGBTQIA affirmative care

Inability to build or maintain long-lasting relationship

You experience trust or commitment issues

* Unresolved issues from your past are interfering with your ability to have a satisfying relationship.
* The relationship is over and sex was named as one of the reasons for that. This memory brings guilt, shame, pain and the most important fear to repeat the same in the next relationship.
* You have been in a relationship for a long time and now find yourself in a new field of modern dating and sex.


Deep inside you feel yourself insecure about your body or genitals. There is hidden thought that it might be “not perfect” enough – “wrong” size/shape/form/taste/smell/sexual response (erection/ejaculation or excitement). You cannot say that it bothers you too much in everyday life, but when it comes to sex you feel it vividly and might find yourself escaping some form of sexual activities or sex in general because of it.

❤️During your puberty you went through body changes which you didn’t know how to handle and it brought extra-weight. And even if extra-weight is not an issue anymore now – your general picture about yourself is still the same. You don’t feel yourself secure enough about your body. You don’t feel that you love your body and genitals.

❤️You feel that sex is not pleasing enough, but kind of self-worth necessity, an Ego-sport.

Self-love is a basic core of pleasure during intimacy.
When we do not love ourselves enough, we are not able to enjoy all the tremendous experiences, both emotional and physical, that occur during sexual intimacy. Because all our attention is really focused on the unconscious desire TO PROVE TO OURSELVES through our sexual partners and their sexual response that WE ARE GOOD ENOUGH.

Self-love sex therapy helps to resolve issues concerning body/genitals image, to overestimate the past experience and let yourself to experience joy. This brings sex to a new level of pleasure and affects the whole life of a person.

About me

Welcome to my website! I’m happy to see YOU!

My name is Katrine Rose Andryushchenko, I’m sexologist-psychologist, sex-therapist and sex-educator. Human sexuality is a love of my life.
Sexuality is given to you. You are already sexy. Each of you is SEXY. Don’t doubt it. And each of you is sexy in your own way. You are unique and there is nobody like you concerning sexuality.
And It’s not about sexual orientation or things you like or don’t like in sex – its about WHO YOU TRULLY ARE.

“Sexuality is not a leisure or part-time activity. It’s a way of being.” Alexander Lowen

 I have been exploring sexuality for more than 10 years now. Human sexuality is the most amazing phenomenon in the world for me.
Many years ago I found myself seeing that each person has own deeply-psychological reasons in intimacy and sex. And only implementation this reason gives real satisfaction and the deepest possible joy of sex. It has nothing to do with an orgasm. And that’s the answer why many people who experience orgasm during sex or masturbation still don’t feel fully satisfied.

ut in society, it is not customary to explore sexuality, to ask: “Who am I in sex? What feeling do I really want to receive through sex?”. Our ideas about ourselves and own sexuality, mainly based on our sexual experience, which is often negative because of lack of sexual education. And also on the unconscious constant comparison with “sex ideals” – a picture created by porn, mass media, society. And basically this comparison is not in our favor.

And we begin to believe that the PROBLEM IS IN US! WE ARE THE PROBLEM! Put an equal sign between sexual experience and ourselves.
And on the other hand, we see a picture of a “happy sex life” around – on TV, social media, friends’ stories, porn. And even more disappointed in ourselves. This is a huge lie of modern times – “about ideal sex everywhere, except your life” – you are brought up in one social, religious norms, similar ideas about the upbringing of children (sexuality is formed in childhood), one system of sexual education, or its complete absence – and therefore, sex is pretty similar by the general level of satisfaction, self-disclosure, permissibility. I’m not talking about different physiology and sexual preferences.
The percentage of women who do not experience orgasm or having difficulties with its achievement, according to different statistics from 50 to 80%. Men face erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation not infrequently since the very first sexual intercourse. To have “perfect” sex you need to work. And first of all by yourself.
Your sexuality IS NOT EQUAL to your sexual experience – “victories” and “fiasco.”
Sexuality of each person is unique and beautiful such as it is TODAY, in all its “imperfection”! Because there are always objective reasons for such development. And it deserves to be recognized and then it will open to its owner a completely new and amazing world of pleasure, harmony and love!t

My mission

My dream is to spread sexual education everywhere in the world. So each person who has questions or doubts could have access to the science based information and professional help.
Sexual satisfaction of a high level harmonizes the personality and allows you to build a more harmonious and happy relationship. Stunning (for you) sex completely changes the situation in a pair, contributes to a significant strengthening of the family, reducing the number of cheating and divorces. A more harmonious and filled with love parenting.
Real sex brings and multiplies love! To yourself, your partner, your surroundings and the whole world!


What my clients wrote after consultation
Kristine, 28

Kristine, 28


"Katrine, I came to you with one “small” question, and you’ve changed all my perception of the world around and especially myself.
And from the moment of our first meeting the results didn’t take long to wait (marriage proposal, presents, love…).
I never felt before so confident and harmonic about my thought and wishes, as I feel it now.
Thank you for everything you gave me!"

Eduardo, 32

Eduardo, 32

High tech engineer

"‘Katrine focuses on YOU, your goals, your needs, and ultimately on what will lead you to have a better, more fulfilling sexual life. In my sessions with her, I’ve learned how to be a better lover, by learning how to be more aware of my needs and the needs of my partner. It has also given me a chance to understand how women think and ask all those questions I always wanted ask. Ultimately, Katrine has given me confidence. Confidence from knowing what I want and how to ask for it, in knowing how to ask my partner what she wants, and confidence in being more aware and a better lover in general. Thank you, Katrine!"

Hellen, 35

Hellen, 35


"Katerina, I am very grateful for our work on my issues and questions.
You find the true causes of the problems and your methods help to improve situation as soon as possible, to see the world with a different eyes.
Thanks to you, I grow both as a person and as a woman! During last several months of our work I have made such a big step forward in all areas, I can do a lot now, as well as know what I want and how to make it!!
I ‘fly’ after each our session!!
You are a specialist with a capital letter!"

Mansor, 22

Mansor, 22


"You literally changed my live in a 30 minutes. Cannot express how thankful I am"

Arthur, 30

Arthur, 30

Web designer

"Thank you so much, I'm sure work with you changed a lot of lives, like it was with mine. You have kindness in your heart which you want to share with the whole world.
I'm really grateful to you. After our work, everything in my life became different."

Alexandra, 30

Alexandra, 30

Business owner

"Katrine, thank you very much. Never regret meeting you! Last night I did exercises you’ve told me, so many pleasant discoveries and got a great orgasm!"


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