If your sex occurs a few hours after the date of your acquaintance – enjoy, get high, but don’t “open your soul”, don’t put big expectations into it!
You met at a bar, a club, on Tinder, he is so beautiful 🤤😍 and your logic is: “I will give it to him to like it more … maybe we will succeed …” 💥 Stirlitz, this is a failure! 🕳
❗️ “I will give it to him” can only be for the reason – “I want sex with him here and now and am ready to never see him again, and this completely suits me and my“ internal judges ”!” 💃🏼👏🏻.
Sex is not a tool for a “good girl” to be “loved”! Not an instrument of “influence” on a man. Such stories always end with a broken heart😪
Of course, there may be a future after the first random sex, but it is much more likely if a woman does not wait for the call the next morning, doesn’t rush around all day with the phone, as a result of “getting courage,” SMS writes, very carefully watching all the emotions and “ signs ”in his reply SMS – essentially just wanting to see that SHE IS NEEDED! That she did not “fall”, she was not “taken advantage of.”
So “fall” right away, remove these categories from your thinking. Be honest with yourself, what do you want?
⭐️Sexa? Yes, a woman can only want sex with a new beautiful man and that’s it. Forward! Enjoy it! Have a great night💏
⭐️Relations? And you plan to hit your chosen one with what? Deep throat techniques?)) After that, he will start to treat you seriously and responsibly?)
⭐️ Attention, love and romance? This will be the most common answer. Only it is created in a completely different way.
Be honest with yourself! Do not create from scratch an ILLUSION, about which your heart will break later 💔
And, of course, CONDOM! Always! ❤️


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