* PREMATURE EJACULATION or “quickly ending.”
* What do you think is the real reason for premature ejaculation? 🤔
* You will be surprised, but this is FASHION. Yes, in sex, she also has ideas about what is possible and even “right” in sexual terms very vary from century to century, from decade to decade.
* ___
* In the middle of the last century, we women🙋🏽🙋🏼🙋🏻 learned that we can not only receive sexual pleasure, but also have the right to it! And the so-called “race for female orgasm” began. “Have you finished?” – became the goal of sex.
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* Although, if we take for example the Victorian era (a little over a hundred years ago), it was indecent for a woman to even make any sounds or make movements during the process of intercourse, not to strive for pleasure. A “decent” woman did not experience passions, but only obeyed conjugal duty.
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* Until recently, premature ejaculation was discussed only if ejaculation occurred before the introduction of the penis into the vagina. Now, almost a third of men “make this diagnosis.”
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* ❗️ However, the average physiological duration of the frictional stage in a NORMAL, HEALTHY man is 2 minutes or 62 frictions❗️
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* It is evolutionarily inappropriate that a man could not finish for a long time, so that sex lasted at least 20 minutes. And around the saber-toothed tigers, wild animals and all sorts of dangers)) 🐅👹
* The main function of sex is still a continuation of the genus🤰🏼. Nature is very wise, and all sexual mechanisms are determined by the goals of our survival and better genetic selection. Female orgasm is not necessary for conception. Therefore, we must understand that he is a tribute to our desires. Therefore, it is necessary to achieve it not by the most obvious – by reciprocating movements. ⏳ Female orgasm takes time, it must “mature”. If this situation is relevant for you, you can do the following:
    * 1️⃣ Move your attention to the foreplay. This tip is for everyone. Prelude less than 20 minutes is not considered at all.
    * 2️⃣Goodly know the female physiology, where PERSONALLY HER erogenous zones are located, the clitoris, what stimulation is preferred, what does she like / dislike, etc.
    * 3️⃣Discover the world of oral sex, hand stimulation. This is not a weakness! A woman should be very well excited and prepared before the introduction of the penis into the vagina. A kiss on the lips, a smack on the neck and tugging at the nipple do not fulfill this task. ”
    * 4️⃣There are also special techniques for controlling the moment of ejaculation, having mastered them you can prolong sexual intercourse. They look like exercise. Some of them may be owned by women. I will devote to them separate posts.
    * 5️⃣ And most importantly, give up the idea of ​​delivering an orgasm to her. We feel how sometimes it is squeezed out of us. Just enjoy her, her body and all the amazing things that happen between you.
    * __
    * If there is a situation in your couple that the man ends so fast that the woman does not have time to experience an orgasm, do not despair – in most cases this is perfectly adjusted. If you need help, you can make an appointment

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