I and the main Love of my life! 🙂
How important it is to love yourself!
Imagine that you don’t have any money at all, and you are being asked for a loan🤷🏼‍♀️. Or how do you feed the hungry if you have no food at all?
It is impossible to give away what you do not have. So with love, when we do not love ourselves, what can we give to another?
Nothing! ❌We will only “demand” love. And especially under such a “good” pretext as Valentine’s Day☝🏻💑
Therefore, if you feel that this holiday is not a joy for you, it causes internal irritation👹, you have a lot of “musts” and “and Masha, Glasha there …” – stop! ✋🏻 Discontent, claims to the partner and “demands of love” will not solve the situation.
Breathe out 🙂
❤️And write yourself a letter … 🤔✍🏻Big-big about how you love yourself, how amazing, very beautiful and desirable you are, that you are unique and there can be no other. How much you are grateful to yourself for everything! Write everything you want to hear from others there.
💛Please in a letter to your body, your vulva, tell me how you love her, how beautiful she is, clean, how much pleasure and pleasure she brings to you, thank her and your body for the beauty.
💚 Allow yourself what you have wanted for a long time – to buy the “same” dress or cosmetics 🎁, a spa procedure or a trip, make a new haircut or eat a cake. That which you have so long denied yourself for “very good” reasons.
Your mood will definitely improve! 😃 And you will see how often we want to get from another what we do for ourselves with such difficulty and awkwardness!
Do not expect anything! Give love and she will definitely come back! 🕊
You are beautiful! 💕

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